vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012

sex story

During her time in college my wife who was in her early 40s often met in study groups with several other students. The groups were both male and female and most were also much younger. Often she would arrive home later than expected saying that they had just ran late. Then she started talking about one guy in her group that was driving a beautiful vintage Jag. She talked about how soft the leather seats were and how well the car rode and drove. Finally one night she said how she thought the owner would be really rough but she couldn’t believe how gentle he was. Still I never suspected anything.horny blonde sluts
Then the phone calls started. Often about 8:30-9:00 on weekends the phone would ring and she would answer. She never really said much, but I noticed she would discretely begin to massage her tummy then gradually slide her hand down into her pants. Even her orgasms were really discrete. When questioned she said it was her sister. Then one night it happened. I was watching another TV went to get a drink and as I approached she was laid back in the recliner phone to her ear PJ top pulled up exposing her breasts, legs draped over both chair arms exposing her pussy. She was using her middle finger to work her clit and easily working three fingers in and out of her drenched cunt. I could tell by her moans she was close to cumming so I stood there quietly. After she came, all she said was yes and ass sluts

This got me thinking. The next time she went to study in groups I borrowed a truck from a friend and grabbed a spotting scope from my hunting gear and waited beside a gas station across from the school. I watched her group exit the building, break up and leave. My wife put her books in her car, walked over to the Jag the owner who appeared to be late 20s or early 30s opened her door, kissed her then got a quick feel of her boobs and ass. They went to the fast food place across from the school grabbed some sodas then headed down the road and turned into the wildlife management area. Although I could not see what was happening in the car it was oblivious she was undoing her blouse and bra. It didn’t take them long to find a turn off the Jag could handle and still be secluded. Having 4wd on the truck I went a little farther down the road before turning off. Grabbed the spotting scope got out of the truck and headed to the top of the rise that separated us.horny hot sluts
I got the scope in place just in time to see them quit kissing and her friend exit the car. His dick was erect and from my estimation about 9 inches in length and thick. He opened her door and when she turned to exit he laid her back and removed her jeans and undies. My straight laced wife got out naked to the world undid his pants helped him out and exchanged a very long passionate kiss. My wife only 5foot two had a 42 D bust line and he couldn’t keep his hands off. First he was just palming both then began pinching and twisting her nipples as they kissed. Then he touched her shoulders and she dropped to her knees with that massive cock at face level. He said something to her and she began to kiss and lick the entire length. Then she lifted his cock licked then took each of his balls into her warm mouth. I couldn’t believe what came next she kissed and licked the head, and then I watched in awe as it disappeared into her mouth. As she sucked his cock he went back to tweaking her nipples and fondling her beautiful tits. This only lasted about 5 minutes before he stopped her.horny ant wet pussys
I thought he would lay her on the ground, but she walked around to the front of the car and climbed on the hood. Obivious to me this wasn’t their first time as this seemed all too natural. She grabbed his head and pulled him to her tits. He sucked one then the other playing with the free nipple. Then he laid her on the hood spread her legs and began to lick her cunt. Didn’t take long before her body began to shake with orgasm. Her lover pushed her legs apart grabbed her heels and held them straight up exposing her pussy to his huge dick. I thought he might have problems getting inside her but, this obliviously wasn’t the first time she had enjoyed this monster . She didn’t even flinch even smiled as he buried his dick deep in her womanhood. Actually the look was one of pleasure as she was taken. He started pumping her like a mad man and she was having no problems matching him stroke for stroke, even kept ridding him when he rested. I have to admit she was kinda sexy looking throwing inhibitions to the wind getting fucked in the open on the hood of a car. Every time he hit a down stroke her slight tummy rippled and her tits flopped all over her babes
He fucked her like that for about 20 minutes never slowing and I watched her have multiple orgasms. Finally he gave her a break she was covered in sweat, but it didn’t take him long to turn her around bend her over and enter her again. At first I thought he might be going after her ass, but again he slammed into her pussy. He was banging her hard. Her ass and belly rippled every time he bottomed out and her tits were swaying as if they had a mind of their own. He grabbed her tits used them for leverage and pounded her pussy even harder. He stopped and she rode him with a few of her own strokes, and then slipped that monster out of what through the scope was a slightly gaping pussy. His cock was shinning with her juices, she again dropped to her knees wrapped her tits around it and masturbated him,then took it into her mouth and sucked him again. It didn’t take long before he stiffened; she released him from her mouth and took him in her hand jacking him off. Within a minute he shot long ropes of his seed all over her tits. She licked him clean, and then stood up with his sperm still on her. He gave her some wet wipes to clean off with and then a towel.